Marlow Health Centre

Marlow Health Centre, Victoria Rd, Marlow SL7 1DN


Simon Kohn was contacted by Ian Barnes the Practice Manager of Marlow Health Centre. This is the largest and busiest practice in Marlow and they had an urgent need to replace their existing impractical Reception Desk with one that was going to be fit for the needs of the 21st Century.

We started by looking at the client experience and what was going to be the best and most practical for them. We found that the old straight desk did not really address their needs. At 11 metres long it was straight and impersonal and took up a disproportionate amount of valuable reception area space, which could have been put to far better use.

Once we had surveyed the space and looked at the setting out we found that by creating a curved shape we could design a 10.5mt desk that would fit into half the space, would be easier for the clients to access and use and by specifying new hardwearing materials such as Staron – a Solid Surface material manufactured by Samsung – create a radical, attractive and contemporary design that was functional, very hard wearing and stylish.

With the clients help and support the desk was fitted over a weekend with all the services such as the telephones, computers and power integrated into the design and connected up ready for Monday morning rush.

The desk has been incredibly well received by both clients and staff alike and everyone at Simon Kohn Furniture Ltd are very proud to have been involved in this important project. We leave the last words to Ian Barnes the Practice Manager…

Adam Klein is the founder of Media Leader LLC.