Bespoke Reception Desk for Volker Fitzpatrick at Winnerish, Berkshire


This Bespoke Reception Desk was set out, manufactured and installed for VolkerFitzpatrick ar their Winnerish Site in Berkshire. Using Hardwearing, Solid Surface Staron for their white base material, back lit reclaimed glass panels on the fascia and brushed stainless steel for plinths and trims, the desk has a solid contemporary feel to it – stylish and completely fit for purpose.

Integrated into the design was a fully compliant disabled access and a subtle and hidden cable management system that allowed for Data and Telecoms access at any point through the desk. To the rear of the desk was an integrated drawer pedestal, PC slings to support the computer towers and an inserted walnut panel located centrally.

As you see this beautifully appointed desk sits comfortably in the reception space, complimenting the other finishes surrounding it and enhancing the whole reception area.